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Best Insurance Tips for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner or if you intend to build your house sometime in the future, then you will most certainly need a homeowner’s insurance. It is very dangerous to have a home or a house and fail to insure it. You expose it to a number of risks that might prove to be financially detrimental to you and your family should any of the risks occur to your home. In your quest to find the most suitable home insurance for your property, take note of the following tips as they will go a long way in ensuring that you end up with the best insurance cover.

Install adequate security systems and smoke alarms

Enhancing the safety and security of your home will help you tremendously in finding good home insurance policies at very affordable rates. For instance, if you install a burglar alarm which is usually monitored for intrusion from a central point, you are likely to lower the costs of your premiums by close to 10%. The same case is also true when you install smoke alarms as well as firefighting equipment. The reason behind these practices is that you have taken adequate measures to lower the risks of your house getting broken into or of fires starting. Due to this, you are likely to get reduced home insurance premiums.

Raise your deductibles

Just like the same case with health insurance and auto insurance, the higher deductibles you have as the homeowner, the lower your annual premiums. Deductibles are simply the amount of money you will have to pay before the insurance company can settle the claim. The only problem with the higher deductibles in the home insurance industry is that smaller claims such as broken windows will in most cases not be taken up by the insurance company and they will be absorbed by the homeowner.

Be on the lookout for multiple policy discounts

Most insurance companies will offer you generous discounts if you take more than one policy from them. For instance, you can decide to take your health insurance policy, auto insurance policy as well as the home insurance policy from the same company and they are likely to give you a good discount for your home insurance. Be sure to ask your insurance agent if they offer multiple policy discounts so that you get all your policies under one roof and save on some money.

Pay off your mortgage

Homeowners who have cleared paying their mortgages are likely to see their premiums drop as compare to their counterparts who are still on mortgages. This is the truth even if you sound skeptical and you think that it is easier said than done. The simple reasoning behind this is the fact that insurance companies perceive that if you have paid off you mortgage, then you will be in a position to take good care of the home as compared to when you still have the mortgage and the house typically belongs to your mortgage financier.

Compare Rates

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